Two Main Chinese Nuclear Companies are Partnering

China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) have entered into a strategic partnership.

CNNC controls most of China’s nuclear sector business including R&D, engineering design, uranium exploration and mining, enrichment, fuel fabrication, reprocessing and waste disposal. It says it is the major investor in all nuclear plants in China.

CEEC is a subsidiary of advanced energy engineering conglomerate China Energy Engineering Group (Energy China).

Energy China is part of 90% of the design and consultation market share of nuclear power plant conventional islands and 60% of the construction market share in China’s commercial nuclear power sector. They helped design the CPR1000, EPR, AP1000, Hualong One, CAP1400 and the fourth-generation Fast Reactor designs.

3 thoughts on “Two Main Chinese Nuclear Companies are Partnering”

  1. The China plant for making TRISO in Badou is already built even though the HTR is cancelled Kairos could leverage this already sunk investment.

  2. Glad to see Kairos power is working on the TRISO-salt reactor. Wasn’t that the SMAHTR reactor from Berkely?

    I’m pretty sure that when two SOE’s merge they grow in size linearly, just like the radius of two merging black holes.

  3. SOE1+SOE2=SOE(1+2)?

    or is it:


    How the Chinese State Owned Enterprises are organized, by what order of operations, is of interest? Why?

    Where does Elon Musk fit in here?

    How about Bill Gates?

    Self driving cars?

    Is additive manufacturing involved? Quantum computing? Bitcoins?

    Could you provide insight why you never mention Kairos Power? They’re hiring like crazy and just opened a R&D lab in Arizona…

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