Large Coronavirus Outbreaks in Iran, South Korea and Italy

Iran, South Korea and Italy have significant levels of COVID-19 coronavirus.

The world total of official COVID-19 coronavirus cases is over 80,000 with 2705 deaths. This is not including mild cases with very few or no symptoms and without needing hospitalization. There are undetected cases as well.

The number of coronavirus cases in South Korea surged to 833 on Monday and is now at 977. There are 10 deaths in South Korea.

Iran has at least 95 cases and 16 deaths. There are 900 suspected cases and a minister indicated 50 may have died.

Italy has 283 cases and 7 deaths.

Hot spot cities and towns across northern Italy were in lockdown as authorities battled to contain a fast-spreading outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Japan has 170 cases and a large number of cruise ship cases. Japan has had one death and there are three deaths from the cruise ship.