US Navy Will Have Multiple Tests of Hypersonic Glide Body in 2020

The US Navy will focus in 2020 on developing hypersonic weapons at breakneck speed and will have hypersonic weapon tests through the year according to the Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly.

In 2018, Russia claimed to have already deployed hypersonic missile systems.

The US Navy plans to demonstrate the Navy-designed Hypersonic Glide Body. Hypersonic launcher testing will occur throughout the year.

7 thoughts on “US Navy Will Have Multiple Tests of Hypersonic Glide Body in 2020”

  1. But the ICBMs can’t be used yet. Don’t they have to wait their turn after all the nuclear gravity bombs from the 1950s that haven’t been used yet?
    Not to mention the unguided air-to-air nuclear missiles that haven’t been used yet.
    And the rows of cold war subs, ships, planes, and bombs that haven’t been used yet?
    Surely if all weapons are used they have to be in order, otherwise you might accidentally miss some?

  2. Well we may as well see what they can do before we all get killed by all the ICBM’s that are yet to be used.

  3. If you build it sadly it will be used. Death is less than 1 hour away anywhere in the world. Someday after the extinction whats next will question our madness.

  4. When multi-billion dollar new fighter jets or aircraft carriers DON’T kill people we get complaints about that. When multi-billion dollar weapon systems DO kill people we get complaints about that.
    Never satisfied, are you?

  5. I highly doubt Russia has hypersonic missiles, just hot air from an authoritarian regime. Although it is good to develop our own.

  6. If we don’t then the Russians and the Chinese will use it to kill us. If we get into war of annihilation we want to kill them, not play with them.

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