SpaceX SN3 Starship Stacked and Will Test Hop 150 Meters Next Week

The SpaceX SN3 Starship is stacked and will have a test hop for 150 meters next week. This is assuming that the pressure tests and other preparations have no issues.

SOURCES – Twitter Elon Musk, Our Ludicrous Future Youtube
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. The new construction method is producing beautiful results. These seem to go together faster than a falcon too. It is looking more and more like Space-x is on the right track here however I am super curious to see how this thing deals with re-entry.

  2. It does not stop at billionaires, even tho will start with rich tourists. Workers for robot repair will be the most at first, but initially the focus is ISRU for Space Solar and mining, not population. The opposite of Mars plans, which leave Earth behind, as does Elysium as defined above. Also, you seem to be against the American dream of being rich thru productivity instead of family or status, or graft. Bezos, for example, by being both rich and understanding O’Neill is doing far more for the future than US gov, IMHO. Curious that right wing socialists are against immigrants, left wing socialists against rich. Why come here at all?

  3. Eventually, people can afford a house there!

    Yes, if those same people are investors in the company doing the “ISRU for Space Solar, then provide mining and agriculture, for Earth

    Might be a few years out of date, ~50% of Americans own stocks, ~80% of stocks owned by 10% of ppl.

    Your plan still feels a lot like Elysium to me.

  4. A little gravity can be helpful, since it holds your machinery in place. Besides, the Moon is much more accessible: only 3 days or so transit, and close enough for near-realtime teleoperation from Earth.

  5. For example, cooperating with others who need to collect solar energy on the Moon will help cover the initial power cost of a mass driver. It is that first ounce of ISRU that costs the most. We know we can use the water, why not launch the damp *dirt* and process where the refueling will happen?

  6. Excellent question! Many are going to Moon anyway, nobody anywhere else useful at all. So start with Moon as default, but any better plan for ISRU welcome. A market decision.

  7. Just as O’Neill describes. Start ISRU for Space Solar, then provide mining and agriculture, for Earth also. Eventually, people can afford a house there! Mars has no such payback.

  8. I can see a case for the Elysium billionaire pathway, if I squint.
    Where will the funding for the huddled masses pathway come from?

  9. What you describe as “Elysium” sounds much more like the Mars solution than the O’Neill solution. “the rest of the earth’s people” stay on Earth with the Mars plans.

  10. Or, provide O’Neill Settlements built from lunar ISRU. Launched from Moon with mass driver mounted on Musk rockets. Build enuf for trillions of people.

  11. Next step > mount an o’neill cylinder in the space for billionaires and call it Elysium… While the rest of the earth’s people die of a deadly pandemic!

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