New York Hospitalizations Are Bad But Doubling is Slowing

NY Gov. Cuomo’s Mar 27 brief indicates that New York is slowing COVID-19 to doubling every 4 days

There are almost 7000 hospitalizations in New York.

New York has 20,000 hospital beds and plans to add 40,000 in the next few weeks.

New York needs more beds and needs the growth of cases to slow. New York could be 7-14 days from filling the 20,000 beds that they have. Medical staff from other places in the US will have to get to New York.

SOURCES- Gov Cuomo Briefing
Written By Brian Wang,

7 thoughts on “New York Hospitalizations Are Bad But Doubling is Slowing”

  1. People are different in different States/Countries. Different obesity rates, different diets, different exercise rates, smoking rates, drinking rates, different age distribution, different urban/rural balance, different use of public transit, different climate, different time of year due to getting it earlier or later in the Country/State, even altitude likely makes a difference as there is more oxygen at sea level. A mile up in Colorado could put people in the hospital that otherwise might have been OK at home in Florida.
    This all adds a lot of noise.
    One thing we should do. We know the rates of various medications with age. We need to find out if people taking any particular medications reduces their likelihood of being hospitalized or dying. We can just collect data on all the medications that anyone was on who had to be hospitalized or died. Then compare that to expected statistics given the rates of use. Anything that deviates statistically significantly from expectation of no bias should probably be looked at. Some things will appear to make things worse. That could be misleading as some conditions make people more susceptible and they would have the popular drugs for that condition. It is the other direction we need to look. Few people coming in who are on something specific. Then there are combinations of drugs.
    Of course correlation may not really find what you are after. A drug may make people paranoid leading them to isolate earlier.

  2. California’s early “sheltering in place” is working. While rates have risen, the infection rate was 25th place Tuesday, and now it is in 30th among the States + DC. I posted the relative rates Tuesday but it was deleted.
    Also being a big State might be a benefit, as people look at the number of cases in the State and get frightened of going out.

  3. “use artificial inteligence to find the cure,”

    Oh good lets attack the virus with marketing and buzzwords.

  4. Very good suggestion.

    Governor Cuomo also wants to put recovered patients and young people who are less susceptible back to work. It is not a politically correct thing to say with all the media panic going around, so Cuomo deserves credit.

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