Cautious Staged Re-Opening of Retail, Restaurants from Texas to California

It seems that retail and restaurant will try to safely re-open by following procedures similar to the supermarkets and hardware stores that have not closed. Texas will have staged re-opening starting at 25% capacity and then increasing if there is very little increase in coronavirus cases. Florida and other states are re-opening. California has announced conditional plans to re-open but has not provided specific timing.

Plans can be modified if there were significant outbreaks.

It seems that by following what the extending the behaviors and modifications that have higher hygiene and reasonable efforts at distancing then stores and businesses that can be made as safe as an open Costco should be able to follow the same procedures. Everyone who visits or works wears masks, wear disposable gloves or follow frequent cleaning and have separation of about 6 feet or more. This would greatly relieve the economy and reduce job loss.

A Napa Valley art gallery has made a reasonable case that they will re-open no later than May 4. They will open and follow the procedures used at the supermarkets and hardware stores that are open where visitors will have to wear masks and follow other distancing procedures.

For over 6.5 weeks, Napa county, population 137,700, has recorded two deaths attributable to the COVID-19 virus, both from over three weeks ago, with 60 confirmed cases in the county total, of which 26 have recovered, by the most recent county report. There were three COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the county, including the one in intensive care. There have been two new cases reported daily since the first two were reported on 3/22. There were no new cases reported in the county this past Thursday. Testing for the virus is now available.

Texas Staged Re-opening Plan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said this week the state will allow stores to reopen in phases starting May 1. All retailers can admit customers but only at 25% of the store’s legal capacity under Abbott’s first phase.

phase two will expand that occupancy to 50%,” Abbott said Monday. “Further increases will be allowed in the future so long as COVID-19 remains contained.

California Re-opening Plan

The California plan discusses gradually opening some lower-risk workplaces with ADAPTATIONS:
○ Retail (e.g. curbside pickup)
○ Manufacturing
○ Offices (when telework not possible)
○ Opening more public spaces

There would also be room for county and local variation. There is no commitment on the timing.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has released an updated California re-opening plan.

SOURCES- California State Pandemic Plan, Texas Plan, CBS, Napa Register
Written By Brian Wang,