Cautious Staged Re-Opening of Retail, Restaurants from Texas to California

It seems that retail and restaurant will try to safely re-open by following procedures similar to the supermarkets and hardware stores that have not closed. Texas will have staged re-opening starting at 25% capacity and then increasing if there is very little increase in coronavirus cases. Florida and other states are re-opening. California has announced conditional plans to re-open but has not provided specific timing.

Plans can be modified if there were significant outbreaks.

It seems that by following what the extending the behaviors and modifications that have higher hygiene and reasonable efforts at distancing then stores and businesses that can be made as safe as an open Costco should be able to follow the same procedures. Everyone who visits or works wears masks, wear disposable gloves or follow frequent cleaning and have separation of about 6 feet or more. This would greatly relieve the economy and reduce job loss.

A Napa Valley art gallery has made a reasonable case that they will re-open no later than May 4. They will open and follow the procedures used at the supermarkets and hardware stores that are open where visitors will have to wear masks and follow other distancing procedures.

For over 6.5 weeks, Napa county, population 137,700, has recorded two deaths attributable to the COVID-19 virus, both from over three weeks ago, with 60 confirmed cases in the county total, of which 26 have recovered, by the most recent county report. There were three COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the county, including the one in intensive care. There have been two new cases reported daily since the first two were reported on 3/22. There were no new cases reported in the county this past Thursday. Testing for the virus is now available.

Texas Staged Re-opening Plan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said this week the state will allow stores to reopen in phases starting May 1. All retailers can admit customers but only at 25% of the store’s legal capacity under Abbott’s first phase.

phase two will expand that occupancy to 50%,” Abbott said Monday. “Further increases will be allowed in the future so long as COVID-19 remains contained.

California Re-opening Plan

The California plan discusses gradually opening some lower-risk workplaces with ADAPTATIONS:
○ Retail (e.g. curbside pickup)
○ Manufacturing
○ Offices (when telework not possible)
○ Opening more public spaces

There would also be room for county and local variation. There is no commitment on the timing.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has released an updated California re-opening plan.

SOURCES- California State Pandemic Plan, Texas Plan, CBS, Napa Register
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. When the game is over we will count up the dead and know who is right and who is wrong. Time gives us hope. You do know that we are all going to die but most of us work hard to deter that fate.

    BTW, 0.5% of 330 million is 1.6 million, that is a lot of people to sacrifice without an effort. Have you lost anyone yet? COVID is nibbling at my heel. It hasn’t killed anyone close to me yet but it has taken people I know. If 1.6 million die most of us will lose a love one.

  2. There are other anti-virals similar in action with Remdesivir that might work better. The problem is that a lot of people won’t go to the hospital until it is very late. And Remdesivir must be given intravenously. A drug that you can pick up at the local Pharmacy would be much better.

  3. You can adjust the count by just looking as unknown deaths. Calculate COVID deaths as follows:

    This year Jan-Apr deaths minus known cause except COVID minus Last years Jan-Apr deaths minus known causes.

    Should give you a figure to start a conversation.

  4. Yeah, that name makes sense for a fast food restaurant too.

    … and today’s icon is fast food.

  5. Actually, I’m not sure what story you’re going with that gives the different, and contradictory, messages that various governments and international bodies have provided over the past 4 months. Including where they contradict what they themselves said previously.

  6. I know, it’s sad, isn’t it? Now they can’t ship oil because all the oil tankers are full. Poor bastards.

  7. You can make such jokes about several West Coast fast food restaurants. Carl’s Jr., Jack in the Box…

  8. I adhere to none of the above. Most actual conspiracies are either to fairly directly make money, or coverups after stupidity/incompetence.

  9. I don’t think you understand how the immune system works. Antibodies have a half life. Some are so long they might as well be lifetime, but some are short, like coronavirus antibodies.

  10. I’m assuming In-N-Out is not the name of your local brothel, but the idea keeps me giggling.

  11. Mutation is one aspect. But even if it doesn’t mutate (it will, and already is, frequently), immunity requires antibodies that remain in the body. So far there’s no evidence of CV19 antibodies doing so.

  12. Except there’s no herd immunity. There’s no evidence for coronavirus antibodies sticking around for more than a few months to (in a few people) years. Relying on herd immunity is how you wipe us out.

  13. Yeah, I’m C to D myself, with a hint of F and a pinch of sometimes people, including people in government, just do stupid things, especially under pressure.

  14. Unfortunately you are maybe right.

    Coronaviruses tend not to allow viable vaccines, and they don’t create long lasting immunity either.

    We will be seeing this mofo every flu season, under slightly different clothes, just enough to trick our immune system.

    The only positive is that mutation favors less pathogenic outcomes, and the strain’s similarities results in partial immunity, resulting in a more benign infection, overall.

    The common flu was a nasty pandemic once, but it has evolved to mostly being annoying and very contagious.

  15. There are no vaccines. There won’t be. There is only herd immunity. If the virus kills 0.5% of the population then it’s going to do this faster (sweden) while the population builds immunity or slower (the usa) where Fauci is already talking about wave 2. But make no mistake the same number of people (fraction of the population) will die no matter what you think you can do. Choose to live life or stay holed up with a murdered economy. One way or another it will still kill the same 0.5%. The only real choice is if we want to do this in a depression or have an economy.

    And you call Sweden stupid?

  16. Today’s announcement was for a study with people who were very sick (and it was good news). There are upcoming studies where they give Remdesivir to people earlier before the virus has run its course, I suspect/hope that those will show even better results.

  17. A lot of this stuff was standardized pretty quickly. For example businesses keep their doors open so that people don’t have to touch the doors. Businesses with lines tape social distancing markers on the sidewalk. Restaurants transition to take out or they go under. Drive through restaurants will not touch your credit card (they hand you the reader, you stick it in, they press yes).

    In general just look at what In-N-Out is doing and copy it. Everyone has masks, everyone has gloves, all orders are drive through and no contact, multiple car lines, order takers are nine feet away from cars, etc.

  18. Its more complex than that, death rates are down (nationwide, can’t speak to LA). Reason being that fewer people are going out so traffic deaths for example are down.

  19. Point being perhaps CA could help people practice better social distancing instead of just putting out PPT slides that are content free.

    Governor’s aspirational goal #1: apologize to former campaign manager for stealing his wife
    Governor’s aspirational goal #2: restart economy some day

  20. My working assumption is anyone with a child 3 and under in daycare/childcare has probably already had the virus. Anecdotal evidence, but I was sick for like 6 months with one thing after another, then my 2 year old got sent home and we all got forced quarantine and after 1 week it all cleared up.

  21. …explain why LA County keeps adding 400-500 new cases per day despite six weeks of sheltering in place

    Was everyone hiding in their bunkers or was there a fairly large percent that had no choice but to go out, to work, to go hangout because YOLO or it’s not that bad, PPE is for wimps etc etc.

    No need to be jealous of pretty boy Gavin Newsom, I’m sure there are women interested in whatever sort you are.

  22. …because when the bill comes due to CA it is going to be immense

    That’s why god invented inflation and taxes, so the boss can manage obscene amounts of debt perpetually.

  23. If you are dealing with a life and death situation then at least have a plan. Also have some way to measure and audit the outcomes.

    At minimum have everyone take an anti-body test. Also do a diagnostic test. Ask them how their health was over the last couple of weeks. Ask them is there were in contact with anyone with COVID. Ask them how they feel today. Take their temperature. Take a throat sample with a swab.

    Face mask should be mandatory. And the environment should be kept sterile. They should install EUV lamps.

  24. If you want to know how many people died just compare the number of deaths from Jan to Apr last year to the number of deaths this year. It will give an approximate number. You can further validate it by comparing the same sum year over year.

  25. Remdesivir seems to work a little but not enough. What they need to do is to do a lot more autopsies to figure out how the virus is actually killing people. It seems a lot of people are dying from blood clots.

    Doctors all over the world need to be comparing notes so we know what is working and what isn’t.

    Today I read that Vitamin D Deficiency seems to be a factor in Severe COVID-19 outcomes. There is still so much we don’t know.

  26. All they are doing is dying at five times the rate of their neighbors. Sometimes stupidity seem like bravery but it isn’t. It is just stupidity.

  27. What I love is that everyone, every single person I have encountered, believes in some conspiracy theory about beerflu.

    Completely OPPOSITE conspiracy theories:
    Person A: OBVIOUSLY, this was made by the Chinese as a secret weapon and released to kill the west.
    Person B: YOU IDIOT, this was made by the USA, released as a strike on China
    Person C: YOU MORONS, it’s a naturally occurring virus, being studied in a lab, and it escaped and China covered it up
    Person D: FOOLS, it’s a natural virus, was caught from eating bush meat, and then China and the WHO covered it up and downplayed it for months until the outbreak couldn’t be contained.
    Person E: IMBECILES, this is just another type of flu, every single government in the world, from North Korea to Israel to New Zealand, is working together hyping it up as a huge scam to get the world populations to accept more control, computer tracking, giant tax increases.
    Person F: CLOWNS, the media and all the big corporations are hyping it up for clickbait and as a club to attack the government
    Person G: RETARDS, the jews are….

    This is what happens when you have women making decisions.

    And a new contestant enters the ring…

  28. ‘Cases’ is one thing. You test more, you end up with more positives. Hospitalizations aren’t the same as ‘cases’, and deaths from the WuFlu are something else again.

    And NYC was labeling quite a few deaths as Covid-related, w/o doing any testing on them. That’ll jack up the numbers.

    Politicians love power. And they hate to give it up.

  29. There really should have been a website with Pandemic Preparedness Plans (P3s) for various types of businesses including standardized protocols to be implemented at various levels of virus present in the local populations. These protocol levels could be applied both as the pandemic is on the way up and on the way down.

    So, for example, the protocols could say that, at a certain level of prevalence, barbers and customers should wear masks. At another level, they should do the same but only outdoors, and at a higher level they should not be open.

  30. Maybe California’s Human Ken Doll Governor will explain why LA County keeps adding 400-500 new cases per day despite six weeks of sheltering in place and this is despite inadequate testing (real numbers are easily 10x). Perhaps it would be good to explain how all these cases are cropping up. Is it the buses? Light rail/subways? Supermarkets? Common areas in apartment complexes? Community washing/drying machines?

  31. This is just a bunch of marketing weasel words. For California what does it mean to make essential workplaces “as safe as possible”? Do we all get Tyvek body suits, goggles and N95 masks?

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