If Static Fires Are Good, SpaceX Could Test Launch SN5 to 150 Meters

SpaceX prototype SN5 will undergo static fires. IF everything goes right, then there are launch windows for SpaceX test flight launch of SN5 to 150 meters.

SOURCES- What About It?, Engineering Today
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of SpaceX)

11 thoughts on “If Static Fires Are Good, SpaceX Could Test Launch SN5 to 150 Meters”

  1. The challenge has never been getting water tanks to fly. It’s getting them to land intact.

  2. Before that, they have a lot of milestones they have to reach. Mars missions require building and testing the tanker-variant of Starship as they require in-orbit refueling to go to the Moon or Mars. I would be a little surprised if they manage a Mars mission in 2022, but 2024 for a cargo mission seems reasonable. Crewed missions probably will take longer, since you would have to train astronauts, develop all the special equipment they need and everything else.

  3. If SN5 flys without a hitch on Wednesday, an orbital flight could happen in less than six months. And SpaceX will be on schedule for cargo flights to Mars in 2022, and crewed flights to Mars in 2024. And Elon time will equal Gwynne time. Usually everything takes twice as long as Elon time, Elon could catch a break, this time!

  4. Test fires to check if the plumbing and the wiring is good to go. Dying to see if water tanks can fly.

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