SpaceX SN8 15000 Meter Flight Possible November 8-13

The Starship SN8 flight has road closures scheduled for November 8-13. SN8 could make its 15000 meter flight on any of those days.

CBass Productions has great 3D animations of the possible Starship test flight and animations of the Raptor engines.

SOURCES – Marcus House, CBass Productions
Written By Brian Wang,

13 thoughts on “SpaceX SN8 15000 Meter Flight Possible November 8-13”

  1. You are correct. I view it as the Dems have a window, could be a year, maybe longer, where they have close to zero political consequences.

  2. It is, given leftism and extoling the virtues of the little people is the cult du-jour of the elite and intelligentsia.

    Not all of them, of course, given there still are what we call right-wing among the rich and powerful, but those in the high tech sectors are overwhelmingly liberal.

  3. I know it's not the place, but Biden a moderate? Ha HA ha GAh ha ha ha.
    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

  4. I don't know it's a left-right thing.

    Simplest explanation that fits observed facts: Existing power centres (of any kind) see Musk's group of companies growing into being a new power centre fairly rapidly. And they are attacking first.

    Could this be led by the left wing silicon valley? Well, they are certainly on the list. But it could equally be General Motors, Ford and VAG, who are probably more directly and immediately threatened by Musk.

    Or someone else? I can pull stories out of the air: Real estate moguls who find their inner city property values threatened by cheaper tunnels and self driving cars making long distance ground transport easier. Rogue astronomers who hate satellites. Banks who think he's still planning on trying to disrupt them with Paypal Mark 2.

  5. 1st Those "generalizations" are gained by listening to what they say and seeing what they do. Cancel culture is something the left grooves on.
    2nd Biden is not going to be POTUS for long. The man is suffering from dementia. Harris will be president and she is a nasty political animal who will play dirty, or get dirty, to advance. She's pretty much a socialist.
    3rd It would be nice if we were wrong about the left, but sadly I doubt it. This is not JFK's party anymore and they've gone nuts. A compliant media covers for them and I think many Americans are clueless as to what they just purchased (not counting the fake votes).

  6. Yeah, there's nothing they hate more than decentralization, delegation and autonomy.

    The backlash seems to come from some of Musk's latest comments on the relative autonomy of Martian (and off-world) cities, where he refers the lack of applicability of Earth's sovereignty rules and the need of some new, local ones. And that's a fact, because beyond the first stages of the settlement, any big off-world settlement can't defer every decision to Earth, which is literally millions of miles away.

    And that was like waving a red cloth in front of a bull. Several high profile scientists were almost foaming at the mouth with barely contained rage.

    I think that, as Starship starts looking more and more as the real deal, the central power lovers and private space critics will start coming out of the bushes more.

  7. The vast majority of NASA wish NASA could be SpaceX. But the political officers are probably in control.

  8. Private space industry is starting to look like a potential alternate power center, and the left does not want power centers outside the government and their own control.

    If Musk were clearly a left-winger, they'd be cool with him amassing huge financial resources. But he's not clearly their guy. Not a right-winger, obviously, but he's no Bezos, either.

    I'm afraid the next administration might weigh the benefit to our economy against the potential SpaceX might not reliably fall in line, and decide on a holiday meal of roast golden goose. Musk is a loose cannon from their perspective.

  9. Cool. I wish them luck.

    And it seems SpaceX is also gaining more vociferous critics too. It surprised me to see even NASA scientists speaking against them in Twitter, and a growing overall anti-private space sentiment.

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