Million Tesla Cars in 2021

Barrons reports on evidence that Tesla is tracking to 1 million sales in 2021.

Barrons is a leading financial paper. Barrons article is entitled “Tesla Stock Turns Higher Because Sales and Deliveries May Blow Away Estimates”.

A key Tesla supplier revenues indicates Tesla is buying components for 1 million cars in 2021.

Tesla’s 10Q filing and Elon Musk compensation indicates Tesla believes over $55 billion in revenue is probable for 2021. This would be well over the street estimate of less than $50 billion in revenue.

Tesla only stated officially the financial guidance that Tesla would build, sell and deliver well over 750,000 vehicles in 2021. However, its legal filings and supply purchases indicate clearly that Tesla expects 1 million cars sold in 2021.

SOURCES – Gary Black, Barrons, Pierre Ferragu
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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  1. Increasing share and quantities of a sustaining and growing market? -or- is there elevated evidence of stagnation and plateauing of EV single-family vehicles? Competition with a growing hydrogen economy (moreso in EU) and possible dis-satisfaction with existing infrastructure, upfront costs, convenience of charging and repair? …

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