Libertarian and Bitcoin Miner John McAfee is Dead

In 1987, John McAfee founded McAfee Associates, a computer anti-virus company and in recent years he was active promoting Libertarian politics. John McAfee was imprisoned in Spain on charges of tax evasion. John was found dead in his jail cell.

McAfee was a libertarian, advocating the decriminalization of cannabis, an end to the war on drugs, non-interventionism in foreign policy, a free market economy which does not redistribute wealth, and upholding free trade. McAfee supported abolishing the Transportation Security Administration.

McAfee contended that taxes are illegal and claimed in 2019 that he had not filed a tax return since 2010. He referred to himself as being a “prime target” of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

The night after McAfee arrived in the United States after being deported from Guatemala in December 2012, he was solicited by Janice Dyson, then a prostitute in South Beach Miami. McAfee and Dyson began a relationship and married in 2013.

In January 2019, McAfee announced that he was on the run from U.S. authorities, and living internationally on a boat following the convening of a Grand Jury to indict him, his wife, and four of his 2020 Presidential campaign workers on tax-related charges.

Today, June 23, 2021, the Catalan Justice Department confirmed earlier news reports that McAfee was found dead and is believed to have “committed suicide” in his Barcelona prison cell in Brians 2 Penitentiary hours after the Spanish High Court approved of his extradition to the US on tax evasion charges.

In 2020, John McAfee tweeted that he would not commit voluntary suicide in prison. John McAfree had a tattoo on his arm, Whacked. This tattoo was saying that in the future he would be whacked.

Celebrity Net Worth describes John McAfee’s rise to a net worth of $100 million and then his life as a crypto pirate.

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Written by Brian Wang,