US Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

The Whitehouse and about ten senate Democrat and Republican members have announced support for bipartisan $1.2 trillion compromise infrastructure bill. This bill still has to pass the House and Senate and then get signed into law.

The bill has the following spending.

Repair and rebuild our roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity, and safety for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system.

Build a national network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers along highways and in rural and disadvantaged communities. The largest investment in EV infrastructure in history, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will accomplish the President’s goal of building 500,000 EV chargers.

Electrify thousands of school and transit buses across the country to reduce harmful emissions and drive domestic manufacturing of zero emission vehicles and components.

The Democrats will push for a non-bipartisan bill with additional spending which they will attempt to pass via reconciliation.

President Biden says that he will not sign this bill until the other Democrat bill is on a path to passing.

SOURCE – White House, Met Kevin
Written by Brian Wang,

24 thoughts on “US Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework”

  1. Dirty secret: These bills are usually block grants that local governments usually use to pay for existing projects rather than create new ones.

  2. well we all knew that.
    Probably urban Boring routes and high-speed upgrade of major train networks likely the only things that can be 'significantly' upgraded – all else is band-aids and fix-er-uppers.

  3. construction managers have gone a bit out of style – but they were great at maximizing value and keeping costs and schedules in check — subs just hated the Big Brother mentality

  4. Also, Nice people finish last – I think that message is starting to resonate after a year of letting people set their own schedules, goals, and motivations… this can't possibly end (or start) well…

  5. many of these don't have civil/pavement — different animal than building structural/ mechanical. But most are forward-thinking, technologically focused.

  6. All about the Contractors – and how such contracts flow. Less Public tenders and more Invititational??? Effective fund usage.

  7. Agreed. Trickle-down and techno-idolization policies are what simultaneously can fix, improve, utilize the best, motivate the mediocre, and facilitate the New. Use:

  8. Though I don't believe Deficit has any meaning anymore, much less Debt, or Balanced Budget — this appears to be a truly ineffective and ambiguous and band-aid undertaking, utterly unconcerned with maximizing the effective infrastructure (main arteries, flow bottlenecks, high-economic-value cargo-passenger routes, etc) or enhancing economic/ technological potential. Spending should always be considered Investment with a definable ROI. Time to rename US citizens into US stakeholders – to get that message across. And dis-advantaged communities? c'mon. In a Free Society, your resulting circumstances are truly of your own making. Hey. We all ride the 'dip' sometimes, but chaos is a ladder and when you're cheap, you're in-demand. That is your opportunity. Top Engineering firms and Contractors need to be identified and vetted with proven performance and little- to no- Union burden. Great things done by Great People, well-rewarded. That's effective spending.

  9. "Repair and rebuild our roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity,"

    White cis straight men need not apply.

  10. This bill is actually infrastructure oriented, unlike the first. It would be destroyed in "reconciliation".
    Don't go for it, republicans. Pass a real infrastructure bill after you win the house, and senate in the mid terms.

  11. Anything done under a Democratic president is anathema to most Republicans. If the other side gets stuff done, they look good, that can't be allowed.

  12. All about 30 years too late. All of this should have been looked at then before it got this bad. Especially the energy and transportation modernization.

  13. How is it $1.2t? Even the White Houses shows less than half that: $579b. And that's over 8 years, and for a whole bunch of things that will chew that money up long before everything that needs funding gets it. And the companion bills may never pass, so then this is a long way off Biden's original $4t proposal.

  14. Wouldn't it be really nice for a major bipartispan deal making progress on something of great significance to actually be about 50:50? Even better if both parties had to leave behind their far left and far right wings to do it.

    Sorry, I'll stop sharing my perverted fantasies.

  15. Money printer go brr, US power goes brlp, oligarchy goes yaay, west does aarghhh. Unless spending is about precisely named proejcts this is just one big failure every single time. Whats the plan with infrastructure? How do you plan to increase connectivity of cities and countryside and US with outside world? What are the analysis regarding returns on this investment? How this plays into the global grid of strategic flows? What are the projections of industrial IT and human flows? how they are affected by projects…? Oh wait, US DOES NOT THINK STRATEGICALLY UNDER BIDEN. "Lets blow up our plan to become manufacturing hub and energy dominant country so we can bankrupt our enemies and make everyone else listen to us without use of miltary force" – great. Whats next…? Its hillarious that every aspect of this clownish policy that actually does make sense is result of previous administration forceful 180 turn-around in american bureaucracy.

  16. Put in a big tax cut for corporations and the rich and you would get full Republican support!

  17. Nothing Beyond basic infrastructure. Nothing to ensure that this country is going to keep its technological Edge. The Republicans still keep bringing this country to its knees.

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