Quantum Computing Innovation Panel

There was a Quantum Computing Innovation Panel at the Q2B conference a couple of weeks ago. The Q2B conference had over 800 attendees and 140+ speakers.

The Panelists were:
Celia Mertzbacker – Quantum economic development consortium (setup by NIST) QEDC
Jake Taylor – Chief science officer – Riverlane. Error correction quantum computing, Cambridge UK
High value for quantum computing needs error correction
Other non-QC does – quantum sensing, quantum RF, quantum clocks

Material science, microwave – a lot of technologies and science intersection

Kaniah Konkoly-Thege – Quantinuum.
Quantinuum has a one year old product. It is a merger of HP Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum Computing. The merger takes a leader in trapped ion quantum computing hardware with a leader in Quantum Computing software). They have 500 employees

Quantum Computing will be a global effort.

Cori Stanville (White House), Economic science and policy. Business and academics need to coordinate quantum info science with the National institute of science and technology and other agencies.

Jake describes a metric of cost per logical, high quality quantum bit. $100k for quality qubit now. Quality qubits with integration could take make overall costs down to $100 per qubit. This will be like getting human DNA genome sequencing from the first billion dollar sequence to $100 now.

Interesting science and technolody can transform society.

How will the business scale?

How to speed innovation?

Measure progress during the research phase.
More spending, But is result better for commercial business advantage

QEDC – application oriented benchmark. See progress for each product by company and not to compare between systems yet.

DARPA is looking at benchmarking

What is useful? Here is a list of some of the global efforts:

Life Sciences area – XXX Foundation

Netherlands – error correction.

DOR – German space organization
$200M tender for ion trap computer, don’t own IP

US Quantum consortium

Canada and Australia – big Quantum players

Neutral atom computing

Quantinuum and other businesses have various roadmaps to achieve large scale error corrected quantum computers.

USTC is the major organization coordinating China’s efforts with Quantum computing and quantum technology.

There are some non-computing technologies:

Internetworking devices
Sustained tech advances in quantum sensing and quantum clocks