Elon Musk on Tesla Talks Twitter Space

Elon stands by his prediction that long term, Tesla $TSLA will be the most valuable company in the world. I’m actually fairly confident that will be the case.” – @elonmusk

Elon declared he would not sell any more Tesla stock in 2023 and likely not until 2025.

Elon expects 2023 could be as bad as 2009. Not certain but must be prepared. He is willing to have lower margins to have higher growth. Tesla will cut prices and have lower margins to move more cars and get above 50% growth. They will minimize margin cuts while selling all cars.

Factory in Mexico will start soon.

Lithium refinery in Texas should be spun up in about 2 years.

There is virtually unlimited demand for Megapacks and powerwalls.

11 thoughts on “Elon Musk on Tesla Talks Twitter Space”

  1. I have always posted Tesla market cap is far too high ,funny that Brian is blind to this, he was supposed to be a futurist.

    • Of course he is, he was part of the hype that drove it so high in the first place. A lot of his personal net worth is tied up in Tesla stock.

  2. Tesla needs to reduce prices to compete, regardless of any impending financial downturn. They had the whole market several years ago, and they get by on brand recognition still. But, VAG woke up, and now the European market is being flooded with far cheaper ID and etron series cars. What Tesla are finding out is that most car buyers don’t really care about 0-60 in <2 seconds, they care about build quality, aftersales support and ride comfort. It was fine to slack off in those departments when electric was niche and there were no other major players, but now it's becoming mainstream they really have to up their game.

    Tesla still has a short-term advantage in that they can sell shares to generate R&D capital, but the big auto players have so much more operating capital and could easily swamp them in the long term.

  3. It’s hard to talk yourself out a hole you dug. Unfortunately, many of the woke, liberal snowflakes that Elon directed his Twitter ire at were the previous and future buyers of his cars. Elon’s lack of awareness in this matter severely undercuts his rosy Tesla predictions. People with money will have more electric car choices and will remember that Elon doesn’t like them or liberal democracy very much.

    • He posts pictures of himself at the world cup final, then has a strop about an account collating publicly available information about the location of his plane. And you’re saying that hes not a snowflake?

      • His flight plans are not public information. The FAA does not show that. His flight information is figured out from process of elimination on general flight plan data and knowing his starting location and time.

        He only banned the twitter accounts involved after an incident involving his children.

        Don’t mess with someone’s kids.

    • I think it’s the one where he kicked a guy out for asking an already answered question trying to get a rise out of Elon (successfully I might add)

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