Adding ChatGPT to Google Sheets

Life Architect AI has the Google Sheet script to access OpenAI’s new ChatGPT as gpt-3.5-turbo via API.

4 thoughts on “Adding ChatGPT to Google Sheets”

  1. I’ve been playing with the ChatGPT API (16 cents worth so far, mostly in debugging an experiment in having ChatGPT summarize the conversation at each step in a simple chatbot app to keep a compact conversational context for the next chat query) and learning Python in parallel. It helps a lot that ChatGPT can answer coding questions and give code examples.

    It’s advice on how to set up Python made that a breeze, starting with almost no knowledge. Great for getting past procrastination excuses for not getting started.

    OpenAI missed a minor opportunity not hacking basic knowledge of their new API into the existing ChatGPT tool so anyone could ask it how to get started with the API. Their web documentation is ok, not great. ChatGPT can create an almost correct example of using ChatGPT API, which helped due to similarity.

  2. I used ChatGPT to help me code, its just much better than searching the internet for your specific problem.
    And by code I mean a Frankenstein; putting bits and pieces together hoping it does the right thing.

    My real field is mechanical engineering. The computer takeover was heralded first in 1997 by the demonstration of topology optimizers, but so far it remains very manual. Optimizing anything is very time consuming and needs a good reason for doing.

    How far are we from an AI, that can open up Solidworks and draw a garden gate assembly, including finding two hinges and a latch in an online store?

    • Sounds reasonable to tell the AI to go look in McMaster Carr or Grainger. I’ve used McMaster Carr for years – very expensive on onesy-twosy basis.

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