Tesla is a Company in Realtime

Tesla tracks everything and measures everything in real-time. They can not only track errors but they can test and fix in real-time. Their financials are in real-time. They can add new tracking shortly after their next applications engineering team meeting away.

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  1. The relevant point here is Tesla begins manufacturing a car with the core computer system, with it being on and used for live diagnostics during manufacture. There was an interesting reddit thread a few years ago from an anonymous IT engineer talking about how the live computer is integral to manufacturing, especially as parts manufactured by other companies can be cranky with firmware updates. With constant communication to Tesla’s backend systems (which are unfortunately also allegedly held together by twine and duct tape), it’s very much a realtime cradle-to-grace product lifecycle management as just one information face of a customer.

    Tesla really embodies the ideology of converting customer information to cash as quickly as possible, same as Apple.

    • If the technology and change is happening mostly in one area, then that is where the coverage has to happen. I also had quite a few generative AI articles. Generative AI heading to a weak form of AGI. 10,000 to 20,000 Teslabots working with humans in GigaMexico making cars around April 2024. That would not be worth considering. 2-4X productivity and car production. 10+M cars in 2025 instead of 5-7 million. All of the business media used to write about all the things that Jack Welch did and then Bill Gates and then Steve Jobs. This year about 90% of the mass put into space is from SpaceX..before Super Heavy Starship is working. He has crushed the Toyota car manufacturing process. The Tesla real time company operations and management is vastly superior to the SAP company management system. If there are over 100+ million Teslabots by 2030 and Tesla and SpaceX are 10-100X bigger, then the “fanboying” that you are complaining about will also be next level. In terms of impacting our lives, it is only any movement to overall AGI which will also merge with the robotaxi, robotrucks and teslabot and antiaging.

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