SpaceX Starlink Satellite Direct to Cellphone Gets Second Phone Company

SpaceX has found its second partner for their upcoming Starlink-enabled direct satellite-to-cellular service. New Zealand’s telecommunications company, One NZ (formerly known as Vodafone), has announced it has signed an agreement with SpaceX to offer mobile coverage across the country, eliminating cellular dead zones. SpaceX announced the direct satellite-to-cellular service with T-mobile. T-Mobile has more than 109 million subscribers, of which 88 million are postpaid customers.

One New Zealand Group Limited, also known as One NZ (formerly known as Vodafone New Zealand Limited), is a New Zealand telecommunications company. One NZ is the largest wireless carrier in New Zealand, accounting for 40% of the country’s mobile share market in 2020. One NZ has 2.4 million customers. According to the Commerce Commission’s Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report from March 2022, Vodafone’s market share in the mobile market was 38%, Spark 41% and Two Degrees Mobile 19%. The remainder of 2% the market is made up of mobile virtual network operators.

SpaceX Starship Could Launch April 10, April 17 or April 20

April 20 would be 420, but a lot of data points to April 10.

Regular Falcon 9 launch on April 7.

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  1. Direct to mobile device requires V2 which requires Starship being operational. Seems likely there will be a lot of systems adopting it when it’s proven and available. I’d think Twitter would be using it for text and especially for Elon’s money transfer/payments/financial services features. The capacity to do money transactions as well as communicate on a phone anywhere on the planet would be an impressive selling point for a super-app.

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