Tesla Delayed Semi Truck Production Ramp to Late 2024

Tesla will delay the production ramp to late 2024. A few months ago, Elon and other Tesla executives talked about a 50,000 vehicle production goal of having mass production of the Tesla Semi in 2024. This new delay in production is due to a shortage of batteries.

The Tesla 4680 ramp will likely only be 10-25 GWh in 2023. Previously, the hope was for 4680 batteries to reach 40-60 GWH/year and at battery day there was the goal of 100 GWh/year.

Cleanerwatt has this updated projection of 4680 production.

2 thoughts on “Tesla Delayed Semi Truck Production Ramp to Late 2024”

  1. The new Lathrop, CA battery plant is strictly building MegaPacks as an end product. I don’t know if those newer units are equipped with new 4680 batteries internally or older battery models. Seeing how lucrative the utility energy storage business is, and how fast its growing, I can’t see them diverting stock for automotive usage.

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