Tesla Range Controversy

Reuters recently published a special report claiming that Tesla has rigged the algorithms in their vehicle software to display rosy range estimates on the dashboard readout and that Tesla has even organized a special team who is tasked with canceling range related service appointments.

If a Tesla customer complains about range. Tesla does a remote diagnostic of batteries. If the battery health is fine, then an appointment can be canceled.

There are two range numbers in a Tesla. One is the range based upon battery health and the EPA estimated range. There is the in-vehicle navigation has the accurate range estimate that is adjusted for temperature conditions. All electric vehicles lose range in cold weather. Tesla loses less range in cold weather than most other EVs.

John at Cleanerwatt goes over the range issues and the Reuters complaint. He shows that Tesla is not rigging its range estimates.

7 thoughts on “Tesla Range Controversy”

  1. Tesla efficiency vs EPA is almost the worst in one test


    Very few people know, but Teslas also consume much more electricity than other EVs, mostly for auxiliary loads like the security system, battery temperature, and cabin temperature while parked.

    They consume about 500Wh/mi when measured at the plug in typical residential passenger vehicle service. Almost double their EPA rating.

  2. Reuters is a an auxiliary of the Democrat party and the “Deep State.” The day Elon took over Twitter the long knives came out. There will be more attacks. The Democrats / Deep State control the media and have no accountability for the truth or accuracy of anything they publish.

  3. The claim is that it was motivated by wanting customers to be happier about displayed range but the actions would create a lot of angry customers who thought they had a problem then had their service appointments arbitrarily canceled. It’s not impossible but it doesn’t make a lot of sense as a plot.

    VWs software plot makes perfect sense. Their diesel engines couldn’t match rosy claims on test stand but they could cleverly detect when they were on a test stand, change the performance to produce better numbers then change it back in the real world use. Very high stakes, big potential payoff, low risk of being caught.

    For the Tesla claims, the stakes are low, the potential payoff trivial and there is high risk of being caught.

    • It can be hard to establish a case of libel against the press given how bad they are at their job at the best of times. Not that I’m taking a side, I can’t be bothered to watch a video to see if a car I can’t afford is legit or not.

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