SpaceX Starship Stacked and Waiting for FAA Launch License

SpaceX has stacked the Starship on the Super Heavy booster.

Elo said Starship is ready to launch, awaiting Federal Aviation Administration license approval.

13 thoughts on “SpaceX Starship Stacked and Waiting for FAA Launch License”

  1. The FAA believes that pilots, airlines, airplanes, rockets, astronauts are all there because of them.
    In reality it’s the other way around. The FAA and it’s control freak .gov employees are there because of the pilots and planes, period. They are there to serve the pilots needs.
    The FAA needs to stay out of the space industry and a new agency needs to be formed to regulate the space industry.
    Let your members of congress know to get the FAA out of the space industry.
    Rocket launches should be off limits for them to regulate.

    • In my limited understanding, it is not an issue of planes vs rockets. It’s about the airspace that is shared by both. Having two agencies manage the same airspace could lead to a mess if they get the coordination wrong.

  2. You can’t blame the FAA. Corporations are supposed to wait years between launches of experimental launch systems. That’s how almost all other launch providers do it.

    Has anyone every explained to the FAA, that before SpaceX every launch of a orbital rocket resulted in a crash? That booster falls right back to Earth. Those booster did not even get blown apart by explosives.

    • It’s more important to punish Elon Musk for not banning conservatives from Twitter than this silly nonsense of exploring space and developing its unlimited resources and to not hand over this new frontier to China for its exclusive use.

  3. I think Elon stacks when ready to put pressure on the FAA.
    I’m not sure if his strategy works or not but that seems to be his plan.

  4. I was expecting 4-8 months for the next launch since failure. 4,5 months is good the permits are the limiting factor as usual.

  5. Dear FAA

    Every Starship launch gets us closer to ridding orbital debris with the chomper model to come.

    Time to light this candle.


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