Musk Says xAI Will Have Limited Release of First AI Tomorrow

xAI will release its first AI to a select group. In some important respects, it is the best that currently exists.

This will likely be some large language model system like ChatGPT.

In the Walter Isaacson book, Elon was quoted as saying one of the first goals of an xAI large language model would be a superior computer coding companion.

4 thoughts on “Musk Says xAI Will Have Limited Release of First AI Tomorrow”

  1. I hope it has a humor/sarcasm knob and we can set it to zero.

    Having a sassy, smartass retorting assistant could be funny a few times, but it would become a pain rather quickly.

  2. My guess is the main public facing use for it will be as an interface that’s an AI personal assistant for X. It would also be the assistant that controls Teslas. The X SuperApp that it controls would include Tesla Network and the payments and finance part handle TN payments, Tesla payments, micropayments within X to creators, payments for Starlink, etc.
    Without a natural language AI to cut through the learning curve, a SuperApp won’t appeal to enough users. With it, X can switch to a subscription vs advertising based model – because X could deliver enough combined value (including ways anyone could earn back the subscription price) to justify paying a subscription.

  3. Unless Elon plans to release the model as open source, it will be a big yawn for me. It will just be another rich elite building an AI model to help impose his vision of the world on everyone else rather than creating a tool that can empower individuals.

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