Marques Brownlee Calls the Refreshed Tesla Model 3 a Mini-Model S

MKB says quality all around is better for the refreshed Tesla Model 3. Everything is more quality, luxury and comfort. It is like a mini-Model S.

All the interior materials are better.

The computer is also more responsive.

1 thought on “Marques Brownlee Calls the Refreshed Tesla Model 3 a Mini-Model S”

  1. DEI for a license plate? Not sure what that is.

    The manufacturers often move the economy nameplate up to a larger and more luxurious segment until they need to introduce a new economy nameplate, perhaps under a ‘different’ marque. This must be a natural response to criticism of perceived ‘cheapness’ in the previous offering – “oy, so much plastic and the tablet is slow.” The Nissan Altima was introduced as an economy car and it kinda grew up into a Nissan Maxima. Hyundai models went relatively upscale and then Kia was introduced with to fill the poverty niche. I love how the Koreans knock off MachE and Tesla styling cues – it surely must be difficult to refresh styles every year – this half-decade we’re getting these huge grills and slanty headlights. I’m so lucky fashion has no effect on me.

    TLDR: Tesla should keep a solid offering in the economy segment, and not march the Model 3 up into higher basic performance/trim.

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