Boeing Whistleblower is Dead and Video Evidence Destroyed

Boeing whistleblower was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and separately video evidence has been destroyed.

This comes just a FEW DAYS after ex-Boeing employee John Barnett began handing over key pieces of evidence in a lawsuit alleging the airplane manufacturer covered up safety concerns such as :

➡️ One-in-four oxygen masks installed were faulty and would not work during emergencies

➡️ Workers being told to DELIBERATELY fit substandard parts (such as ones in scrap bins) to aircrafts in order to hurry up production

➡️ General safety measures being ignored by under-pressure workers

9 thoughts on “Boeing Whistleblower is Dead and Video Evidence Destroyed”

  1. Just pay attention to members of Congress and how they trade Boeing. That will let you know what is really going on with Boeing.

  2. Honestly, the airline companies have been recycling down checked parts for decades. My former college roommate caught a Pratt & Whitney employee moving the substandard F15 engine parts to the acceptable bin in the mid 80s. The employee was promoted.

    • While at GEAE was dispositioning/repairing nonconforming turbofan parts. It’s not as bad as it sounds. If the part retains function, fatigue life and repair margin there is no reason not to use the part.

  3. If there was indeed a hit, and it certainly seems that way on the surface, it’d be great if the name of the person who did the job was exposed, along with public testimony detailing a list of every other company and organization they’d ever done the same work for, along with a list of everyone else they’d ever killed. All public.

  4. There’s no way the shooting hand of someone who just shot himself in the right temple could wind up “resting in his lap.” The recoil of the gun from an instantly dead person would propel his hand as far from the rest of his body as his arm would allow, possibly even damaging his tendons and bones from lack of conscious resistance. Anyone who’s ever fired a gun of any kind knows the force of the recoil & can imagine what it would be in the awkward position of the wrist turned inward towards one’s own head while seated in a car.
    Were there powder burns on the victim’s hand?
    If not, this gun and hand were placed on the victim’s lap by someone else, postmortem.

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