Dead Whistleblower Testimony About Boeing’s Corrupt Quality Processes

Joe Rogan reviewed the video statement of the now dead Boeing Whistleblower.

The whistleblower was continuing to testify and report on Boeing’s corrupt quality process.

He and a team had found 300 defects on a Boeing plane. His boss then went out with two inspectors and found only 50 defects. The whistleblower asked one of the inspectors what happened. The inspectors were only allowed on the plane for two hours and were then kicked off.

Before a third day of testimony, John Barnett was found dead in his truck after he didn’t show up for a legal interview on Boeing’s faulty quality.

9 thoughts on “Dead Whistleblower Testimony About Boeing’s Corrupt Quality Processes”

  1. Remember that time a Boeing 737-800 full of brazilians collided mid-air at the middle of the Amazon (what the the chances!!) with an Embraer with American crew, taking the Embraer to the US.

    “The winglet of the Legacy sliced off about half of the 737’s left wing, causing the 737 to break up and crash into an area of dense jungle, killing all 154 passengers and crew. Despite sustaining serious damage to its left wing and tail, the Legacy landed with its seven occupants uninjured.”

    Smart americans buying Embraer’s, dumb brazilians using Boeings.

  2. I don’t see why people imply he was suicided.

    I mean, it’s not like if he could damage the reputation of any megacorporation with thousands of contracts with the military and other governments.

    It’s clear he re-thinked his life between the two testimonies and decided he shouldn´t harm the reputation of such a benevolent megacorp.

  3. This guy looks like a wack-job. Anything but a clean haircut for someone in the public eye and you have character defects related to pride or megalomania or just poor hygiene.

    These problems with the airplanes are kind of a self-limiting thing – if planes fall out of the sky, people won’t fly on them, and Boeing will cease to exist, wiping out vast fortunes and industrial capacity with it. But the country that ‘saved’ GM (now a zombie company) will never allow that to happen (too big to fail).

    I’m suspicious of these news stories that affect stock price. I suspect pump and dump all the time…. My own company’s stock has recently gone through a $10 swing for no apparent reason. People were saying GE was a corpse two years ago, now the stock looks like stonk meme guy with the arrow up and to the right.

    It’s all pump and dump.

    Going back to 2019 and the 737MAX-XS MCAS system – good pilots managed to shut off the faulty autopilot while the Indonesian copilot shouted Allah Akbar as the plane splashed. Sure, the change was rolled out poorly by Boeing. Sure, all the companies skimped on the training and deferred to Boeing’s judgement… Ultimately, the pilot needs to handle it.

    Looking back ag three mile island: knowledgeable people admit the B&W PWR steam generator is touchy (doesn’t have a lot of inventory), but the bulk of the blame falls on the operating crew making things worse.

  4. If you don’t have a fear of flying, it’s time to develop one (at least until we have a bunch of crashes to wake up the public to Boeing’s whitewashing of their maintenance problems).

  5. All this is making me wonder if Boeing’s planes are now as dodgy as the old Soviet Tupolev’s and Ilyushin’s.

  6. C’mon Brian, now you’re just being a conspiracy theorist!

    Everyone knows our western, benevolent, democratic governments would NEVER allow such a thing to happen. They had a 24/7 guard detail to keep this man protected so Boeing could be brought to justice. The only way this man died was if he killed himself.

    Just look at how well our governments have treated the likes of Snowden, Manning and Assange. This is proof enough of how serious they are when it comes to whistleblower protection.

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