June 04, 2010

Launch Costs for the Spacex Falcon 9 and Competing Launch Systems

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The Spacex Falcon 9 can take 10,450 kg to LEO

Mission Type  Price*  
LEO (s/c<80% capacity to the customer orbit) $45.8M  
LEO (s/c>80% capacity to the customer orbit) $51.5M  
GTO (s/c<3,000 kg)** $45.8M  
GTO (s/c up to 4,680 kg) $51.5M  
Delta IV

The Delta IV product card is here

The Delta IV medium costs $133 million to launch up to 8,600 kg to LEO.

The Delta 4-2 costs $ 138 million to launch up to 11,700 kg to LEO.
Delta IV Payload planner guide (267 pages)
Ariane 5

An Ariane 5 costs $180 million to launch up to 16,000 kg to LEO

China's Long March rockets and Russian rockets are cheaper than the american rockets but many payloads would not be permitted to be launched by China or Russia. The Spacex Falcon 9 does get american costs in the range of the chinese and russian rockets.

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