November 13, 2013

World Energy Forecast to 2035 sees Renewables slowing the growth of coal, oil and natural gas but not replacing them

The International Energy Association published its World Energy Outlook 2013. They forecast world energy to 2035.

Longterm solutions to global challenges remain scarce
* Renewed focus on energy efficiency, but CO2 emissions continue to rise
* Fossil-fuel subsidies increased to $544 billion in 2012, renewables received $101 billion in support in 2012
* 1.3 billion people lack electricity, 2.6 billion lack clean cooking facilities

Renewable energy will have significant growth but will only be able to slow the growth of coal, oil and natural gas. Half of the renewable energy added be regular hydroelectric dams (mainly in China.)

Also CO2 emissions continue to increase.

Therefore more nuclear energy is needed for safer energy with less air pollution, less CO2 emissions and fewer deaths. Air pollution kills 2 million each year.

China will have nearly twice the energy usage of the United States because the IEA is forecasting that China will have nearly double the GDP of the United States

Canada's energy sector is under pressure to shift to selling to China and Asia as the US will no longer be importing oil in a few years. The US will become the number one producer of crude oil and natural gas liquids in 2015.

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