Richard Jones lays out the hurdles to his belief in Diamondiod nanotechnology

Richard Jones has proposed 6 experiments for validating his belief in diamondoid nanotechnology

1. Stability of nanoclusters and surface reconstruction.
2. Thermal noise, Brownian motion and tolerance.
3. Friction and energy dissipation.
4. Design for a motor.
5. The eutactic environment and the feed-through problem.
6. Implementation path.

It seems that Richard Jones has clearly outlined his areas of concern with the current plans towards MNT.
He has made some efforts to understand the work being done on the dry MNT side.

I know that more work has been done on point 6 than he has indicated or is aware of.

It is at least clear what it will take for Richard Jones and scientists in his mould
will believe that diamondoid MNT is possible when those 6 points are met computationally and experimentally.
Basically when we are about 1-2 years from the Feynmann grand prize being won.

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