Part II: Semiconductor roadmap looks at nanotechnology

The International technology roadmap for Semiconductors
2005 edition Emergy Research devices

There is an very interesting technology performance assessment pg48-55
Nano-floating gate memory(pg50), engineered tunnel barrier
memory(pg50), 1D logic structures (pg53) (carbon nanotubes and
nanowires) seem to be the leading candidates based on this assessment.

Table 55 on page 8
compares the current technology capabilities in 2005 and
the projected 2018 capability

Table 57 on page 10 and Table 63 on page 43 compares emerging technologies
Table 63 on page 43 has estimated parameters for the emerging tech for 2016

The nano related are
nano-floating gate memory (discussed on page 12)
Molecular memory on page 13
Nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS – rod-logic) only 2 dimensional rod logic considered page 44

Table 59 emerging logic devices on page 16

Properties needed and challenges of new devices is discussed pg 28-35

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