UK Article about becoming rich

Felix Dennis is a roughly 59 year old british magazine publisher who is rich. By his own estimate he has between $400 and 900 million.In the times online he has written an article about getting rich.

He lists the key characteristics needed to become rich:
– Confidence and an unshakeable belief it can be done and that you are the one to do it.
– Stamina is essential
– Tunnel vision helps.
– Being a bit of a shit helps.
– A thick skin helps.
– Be willing to fail
– Be willing to work very hard to achieve it


Total assets

£1m-£2m ($1.86m-3.72m) The comfortable poor

£2m-£5m ($3.72m-9.3m) The comfortably off

£5m-£15m ($9.3m-27.9m) The comfortably wealthy

£15m-£40m ($27.9m-74.4m) The lesser rich

£40m-£75m ($74.4m-139.5m) The comfortably rich

£75m-£100m (139.5m-186m) The rich

£100m-£200m ($186m-372m) The seriously rich

£200m-£400m ($372m-744m) The truly rich

£400m-£999m ($744-1.85b)The filthy rich

More than £999m ($1.85b+) The super rich

Here is a related article about how many people have different levels of wealth Dennis’s wealth guide is interesting in that it places himself in the truly/filthy rich category and those richer than him as super rich.

There are about 90,000 people in the world who would qualify as the lesser rich or wealthier. About 11,000 people who would qualify as seriously rich or wealthier. About 793 are the billionaires who would be mostly the filthy rich and super rich.