Canada’s oilsands

This graph from a 2006 oilsand report from the National energy board has an all projects case of 4.4 million bpd by 2015.

Appendix 4 that same report has a long list of the specific projects with dates and bpd for each project. Project names and companies.

Alberta may increase output from the oil sands to 6 million barrels a day in 2030 from about 1 million barrels a day at present, said Claude Drzymala, a senior energy adviser at the Canadian Department of Industry.

Canadian oil output should climb to about 2.89 million barrels a day, 9.1 percent more than the 2.61 million barrel a day average in 2006. (About 167,000 bpd from the oilsands) so about 1.35 million bpd at the end of 2007.

Major producing or planned developments in the Athabasca Oil Sands include the following projects:

Syncrude 356,000 bpd March 2007 average

Suncor Energy Inc. reported March 2007 oil sands facility during averaged approximately 258,000 barrels per day.

Shell Canada currently operated its Muskeg River mine producing 155,000 bpd and the Scotford Upgrader at Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Shell intends to open its new Jackpine mine and expand total production to 500,000 bpd over the next few years.

Nexen’s in-situ Long Lake SAGD project is on schedule to produce 70,000 bpd by late 2007, with plans to expand it to 240,000 bpd over the next 10 years.

CNRL’s $8 billion Horizon in-situ project is planned to produce 110,000 bpd on startup in 2008 and grow to 300,000 bpd by 2010.

Total S.A.’s subsidiary Deer Creek Energy is operating a SAGD project on its Joslyn lease, producing 10,000 bpd. It intends on constructing its mine by 2010 to expand its production by 100,000 bpd.

Imperial Oil’s $5 to $8 billion Kearl Oil Sands Project is projected to start construction in 2008 and produce 100,000 bpd by 2010. Imperial also operates a 160,000 bpd in-situ operation in the Cold Lake oil sands region.

Synenco Energy and SinoCanada Petroleum Corp., a subsidiary of Sinopec, China’s largest oil refiner, have agreed to create the $3.5 billion Northern Lights mine, projected to produce 100,000 bpd by 2009.

New Production for 2007:
Great Divide 1 (Connacher) 10,000
Jackfish 1 (Devon) 35,000
Orion 1 (BP) 10,000
Foster Creek expansion (Encana) 60,000
Tucker (Husky) 30,000
Seal (BP) 18,000
Peace River (Penn West) 4,000