Chronic disease costs over 1 trillion per year to the US economy

The Milken institute has calculated the cost of the seven major chronic diseases and broken it down by state and projected those costs to 2023 by year and also to 2030 and 2050

The seven major diseases are:
Cancers: 10.6 million cases (3.6% percent of US population)
Diabetes: 13.7 (4.7%)
Heart Disease: 19.1 (6.6%)
Hypertension: 36.8 (12.6%)
Stroke: 2.4 (0.8%)
Mental Disorders: 30.3 (10.4%)
Pulmonary Conditions: 49.2 (16.9%)

Total Reported Cases: 162.2 million (55.8%)

United States Economic Impact 2003 (Annual Costs in billions)
Treatment Expenditures: $277.0B
Lost Productivity: $1,046.7B
Total Costs: $1,323.7B

Air quality, which is made worse by coal and oil use for energy and transportation, is a contributing risk factor

The projected impact on GDP by state from 2004 to 2050

the project life expectency of a 65 year old person by year and by state.

If we are able to cure those diseases or greatly reduce their occurence with infrastructure changes (getting rid of coal and oil usage) then we are looking at massive economic benefits in the United States and the world.

Trillion mistakes from bad societal choices.

Better economy and budgets by getting rid of coal