NanoEngineer-1 software for CAD/CAM with structural DNA

Sample of designs using structural DNA

H/T to Foresight

Nanorex will be announcing the first public release of Nano-Engineer 1 at their evening workshop on April 24.

NanoEngineer-1 (NE1), the world’s first 3D CAD/CAM program for structural DNA nanotechnology (SDN) research and education. NE1 can generate atomistic models of DNA structures from NE1 reduced models. NE1 plug-ins like QuteMolX and POV-Ray can create stunning, high-quality renderings of DNA models suitable for publication and the web.

NE1 can produce a “Bill of Materials” from the DNA model which contains all strands and their sequences in the design. This can be used to order DNA directly from suppliers of custom oligonucleotides such as Intergrated DNA Technologies

Online info on nanoengineer-1 They also have Nanohive, NanoHive-1 is a modular simulator used for modeling the physical world at a nanometer scale, and also NanoHive@Home for distributed computing simulations.

DNA structures can provide frameworks for next-generation nanosystems.

Special structures: The first line of research is the development of a wide range of atomically precise functional components — organometallic complexes, magic-size quantum dots, nanotubes and fibers, engineered surfaces, and so forth.

Engineered Proteins: The second line of research is the development of polymers made from a diverse set of monomers that fold to make specific 3D structures.

Structural DNA itself: The third line is SDN itself, which now can be used to implement a large growing range of structures on a scale of tens to thousands of nanometers.

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