Carnival of Space Week 66

Carnival of Space week 66 is up at a Mars Odyssey

This site contributed The article on radiation and nuclear bomb defenses Radiation defense is important for space because there is a lot of radiation in space and a lot of uses for nuclear power.

A Babe in the universe talks about Mars water and life

NSS makes the case for space based solar power

Colony worlds talks about using lunar materials and amor asteroids to make space based solar power.

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  1. Yes, Hillary and most of the presidential candidates have talked about nuclear power.

    Hillary clinton is one of eleven co-sponors on the climate stewardship bill. Which the EIA has projected would nearly triple the amount of nuclear energy by 2030. I view this is a good thing, since it would reduce coal usage and thus air pollution and save tens of thousand of American lives per year when fully implemented.

    Nuclear power, about which Hillary says she is “agnostic,” has been neglected for so long in this country (it only supplies 8% of our total energy needs) that it cannot be part of anything but a long-term solution.

  2. I think there should be a prize for landing a “crew” of 6 rabbits on the moon and returning them. That would produce a goal that introduced some of the technical challenges of manned flight but at a more manageable level of complexity while not risking humans yet. And rabbit stew made from moon rabbits would probably command a high price at certain fancy restaurants.

    It is something I am still not clear on. Do I support focusing research efforts on material science and on construction and fabrication technologies to benefit (among many other things) the space exploration and colonization projects or do I support space projects to stimulate research in material science and technologies. I tend to lean towards the former but then one also learns a lot by just getting in and doing something.

    And if America goes Democrat in 2008 I will be headed to space with or without any prizes or programs and I won’t stop until I get to a planet that has developed a cure for Marxism.


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