Molecular Genetics of Aging Conference

Ouroboros has extensive coverage of The Molecular Genetics of Aging conference.

The conference had ten sessions:
Session I: Genetics of simple organisms

Presenters covered research into worms, yeast, flies and more.

Session IIa: Genome stability, damage & repair

-Christian Beauséjour argued that mice do not clear DNA-damaged cells
-Philipp Oberdoerffer (from David Sinclair’s lab) asked: What drives chromatin reorganization and how does it relate to mammalian aging?

Session IIb: Telomeres

Telomeres are examined as a clock of cellular aging

Session III was “oral presentations from abstracts,” a series of unrelated short talks;
Session IV was a poster session

Session V was a series of talks about mitochondria

Session VI: Senescence, apoptosis and stress

Session VII: Stem cells

Session X: Environmental interventions

This session is devoted to external treatments and their effect on lifespan.

Topics and Co-Chairs:
Genetics I
Heidi Tissenbaum (U Mass Worcester MA USA)
Scott Pletcher (Baylor Houston TX USA)

Genomic Stability
Jan Vijg (Buck Institute Novato CA USA)
Elizabeth Blackburn (UC San Francisco CA USA)

Mitochondria / Metabolism
Peter Rabinovitch (U Washington Seattle WA USA)
Leonard Guarente (MIT Boston USA)

Cellular Senescence / Apoptosis / Run and Stress
John Sedivy (Brown U Providence RI USA
Norman Sharpless (UNC Chapel Hill NC USA)

Stem Cells
Irina Conboy (UC Berkeley CA USA)
Karl Rudolph (Med Sch Hanover Germany)

Proliferative Homeostasis
Paul Hasty (UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX USA)
Rolf Bodmer (Burnham Institute San Diego CA USA)

Environment / Interventions
Richard Miller (U. Mich., Ann Arbor MI USA)
Steven Spindler (UC Riverside CA USA)

Genetics II
Anne Brunet (Stanford U CA USA)
Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus U Rotterdam Netherlands)