Next Big Future at the Singularity University July 16, 2009

The Singularity University plans to offer a 9 week course this summer from 27 June – 29 Aug 2009, at NASA Research Park at Moffet Field. In March, the Singularity University had received preliminary applications from 1300 potential students for 40 slots.

On Thursday, July 16th (11:30-12:30), Brian Wang of Next Big Future will speak on the “Latest Developments in Nanotechnology”.

This talk will cover the latest in self assembly, DNA nanotechnology, but also stuff with graphene, carbon nanotubes, particles, drug delivery, Reprap and other desktop fabrication systems.

This talk will not be covering theory or projected future results, but rather what has actually been done in the lab (or fielded in actual products, in a few cases) as of today. It is one of 7 core lectures in the Nanotech Track and is intended to provide an overview of the most current results in nanotechnology from the forefront of research in labs all over the world. This will be a presentation of the leading edge of “what can already be done today”.

Ralph Merkle and Robert Freitas are co-Chairs of the Nanotechnology Track (one of ten tracks) of the Singularity University.

There will also be specific talks prior to this one covering MEMS (1 hour), self-assembly (1 hour), Diamond Mechano Synthesis (DMS) (1 hour), and molecular machinery (1 hour), but specific areas in these topics will also be in the overview of latest developments where they have made important progress.