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computerSaving Half of the Clean Energy in the USA and the World

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Nuclear power provides half of the low-carbon clean energy in the United States. Providing $12-17 per megawatt hour in credits would preserve this clean energy. This would be the cheapest way to preserve most of the low carbon energy in …

artificial intelligenceGoogle’s Eric Schmidt says US could lose lead in AI and Basic Science Research to China

Artificial intelligence is the new frontier, and the Defense Department must invest in this breakthrough or be in danger of not being competitive in the future, said Eric Schmidt, the chairman of the Defense Innovation Board, during a discussion at …

artificial intelligenceAlpha Go Zero becomes best at Go in 40 days by only playing itself without any human input

AlphaGo became the first program to defeat a world champion in the game of Go. The tree search in AlphaGo evaluated positions and selected moves using deep neural networks. These neural networks were trained by supervised learning from human expert …

artificial intelligenceAlibaba to Spend $15 Billion on Moonshot projects with AI and Quantum Computer focus

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Alibaba will more than double research and development spending to $15 billion over the next three years to develop next-generation technology, drive its sprawling business and explore moonshot projects that could upend industries. The e-commerce giant plans to set up …

artificial intelligenceRobots taking half of our jobs within 20 years claim is ludicrous according to Rodney Brooks

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Rodney Brooks, robotics entrepreneur and expert, says that claims that robots will take half of our jobs within 10-20 years are ludicrous. They claim we will go from one million grounds and maintenance workers in the U.S. to only 50,000 …

computerFloating Point 16 bit will be at 2-3 exaflop supercomputers in 2018

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Double precision exaflop/second has been the traditional definition of general purpose exaflop supercomputer. There are domain-specific machines and even the American DoE Summit and Sierra supercomputers where it can be different. These two machines, because of the NVIDIA Volta, will …

computerTechnical pictures and info on 95 petaflop supercomputer

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Satoshi Matsuoka‏ tweeted out details of a technical presentation on upgrades to the second most powerful supercomputer in the world, Tianhe-2A (improved from 56 petaflops to 95 petaflops).

computerWorld number two supercomputer will have doubled power to 95 petaflops

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China is upgrading its number two supercomputer with new Chinese-made Matrix-2000 GPDSP accelerators. They will replace the existing Intel Knights Corner Xeon Phi coprocessors that were installed in the Tianhe-2 back in 2013. The upgraded supercomputer will be called the …

artificial intelligencePutin, China, USA see Artificial Intelligence as key to future geopolitical power

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Putin addressed 16000 Russian Schools with the following statement: “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all humankind,” he said, via live video beamed to 16,000 selected schools. “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will …

artificial intelligenceAI Analyzes Gravitational Lenses 10 Million Times Faster

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Researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have for the first time shown that neural networks – a form of artificial intelligence – can accurately analyze the complex distortions in spacetime known as gravitational …