Galactic Suite Orbital Hotel Taking Reservations for 2012

Galactic Suite is a Barcelona based company that plans to have a space hotel operating in orbit by 2012.

Physorg had some information on this project funded by an anonymous billionaire.

The cost of three nights on the Galactic Suite Space Resort (plus a two-month training course on a Caribbean island beforehand) will be $4.4 million US. At least 43 people have already reserved their place, with over 200 expressing an interest.

The Galactic Suite Space Resort plans to start with one pod holding four passengers and two astronaut pilots. The pod would orbit 280 miles (450 km) above the earth and travel at 18,640 mph (30,000 kph). Passengers would take a day and a half to reach the pod by Russian-built rocket, after blasting off from a spaceport on a Caribbean island. The rocket would dock with the pod for their entire stay to give the guests a sense of security. At the end of their stay the passengers would return to the rocket for the trip back to earth.

Claramunt said the project had received an anonymous grant of $3 billion given to the company by a space enthusiast billionaire.

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Bigelow Aerospace, the American Billionaire backed Space Hotel Company
A competing and more well known company that is trying to get inflatable space hotels is Bigelow Aerospace.

Bigelow has launched two prototypes into orbit and has the following plans.

The currently third planned Bigelow launch, Sundancer, will be equipped with full life support systems, attitude control, orbital maneuvering systems, and will be capable of reboost and deorbit burns. Like the Genesis pathfinders, Sundancer will launch with its outer surface compacted around its central core, with air expanding it to its full size after entering orbit. After expansion, the module will measure 8.7 m (28.5 ft) in length and 6.3 m (20.6 ft) in diameter, with 180 cubic meters (greater than 6,000 cubic feet) of interior volume. Unlike previous Bigelow craft, it will feature three observation windows. As of 2009, SpaceX has been contracted to provide a Falcon 9 vehicle for a launch in 2011.

In August, 2009, Bigelow Aerospace announced the development of the Orion Lite spacecraft, intended to be a lower cost, and less capable version of the Orion spacecraft under development by NASA. The intention would be for Orion Lite to provide access to low earth orbit for using either the Atlas 5 or Falcon 9 launch systems, and carrying a crew of up to 7.

Bigelow Aerospace was founded by Robert Bigelow and is funded in large part by the fortune Bigelow gained through his ownership of the hotel chain Budget Suites of America. As of 2006, Bigelow had invested US$75 million in the company. Bigelow has stated that he is prepared to fund Bigelow Aerospace with about US$500 million through 2015.

On April 10, 2007, Bigelow Aerospace announced business plans to offer (by 2012) a four-week orbital stay for US$15 million, with another four weeks for an additional US$3 million. An entire orbital facility could also be leased for US$88 million a year, or half a facility for US$54 million a year

Bigelow Space Hotel concept

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