Robots Getting out of the Lab and Pick up Garbage

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Call up DustCart from your cell phone, and it will roll along on its Segway base to your home, text you to let you know it has arrived, and thrust forth a receptacle for your garbage, which it then shuttles back to a dumping station. (Dustbot can haul 70 pounds of trash at once, and its battery lets it travel 10 miles before a charge.

Many residents of Peccioli live in old streets too narrow for an old-fashioned garbage truck to navigate. So the town decided to give DustCart a real-world audition this summer. A pair of DustCarts served some one hundred homes for a period of months.
Dustbot is summoned by phone call or SMS, and uses GPS to automatically make its way to the customer, collect the rubbish, and take it to a dustbin. In addition, the Dustbots carry environmental sensors to monitor the pollution levels over, for example, a pedestrian area. The Dustbot system, consisting of the DustCart and the DustClean robots, is designed to work in tight urban areas where large trucks find it difficult to operate.

The robot’s designers estimate the price for a DustCart at $19,000 to $25,000 and have said the cost of operating the system would be similar to regular garbage and recycling pick-up service. There might be a market for as many as 100,000 such robots

Here is a wikipedia comparison of a few dozen domestic robots

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