Selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) proving to be an effective yet safe steroid

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GTx, Inc. (Nasdaq: GTXI) announced in June 2010 that Ostarine™ (GTx-024, formerly MK-2866) increased lean body mass and leg press strength in a head to head study evaluating Ostarine and another selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), MK-3984, in postmenopausal women.

This was the third Ostarine clinical study that measured lean body mass and physical performance endpoints, and Ostarine has consistently demonstrated the ability to increase muscle mass and strength.

After 12 weeks of treatment in post menopausal women, Ostarine 3 mg and MK-3984 significantly increased total lean body mass. Compared to placebo, mean differences from baseline for lean body mass were observed with increases of 1.54 kg (about 3.4 pounds) for both Ostarine 3 mg and 50 mg of MK-3984 and an increase of 1.74 kg (3.8 pounds) for 125 mg of MK-3984.

Mean leg muscle strength at 12 weeks for Ostarine 3 mg treated subjects increased by 22 pounds from baseline. Old women were able to increase their leg press by 22 pounds.

GTx is pursuing a partner company to bring this to market to treat muscle wasting related to cancer.

Real Sarm steroids have been available online since 2009.

Myostatin inhibitors are being pursued as another safe method to treat muscle loss.

Only 1 person out of 150 maintains the muscle mass of their 30s into their 80s

An 80-year-old might have 30 percent less muscle mass than a 20-year-old. And strength declines even more than mass. Weight-lifting records for 60-year-old men are 30 percent lower than for 30-year-olds; for women the drop-off is 50 percent.

Geriatric specialists are now trying to establish the age-related loss of muscles as a medical condition under the name sarcopenia, from the Greek for loss of flesh. Simply put, sarcopenia is to muscle what osteoporosis is to bone.

We should not accept muscle loss (sarcopenia) any more than we accept bone loss (osteoporosis) and we should treat it. It will enable us to live longer and healthier lives and reduce the cost of healthcare on society.

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