Genescient and Stem Cell 100

Hplus Magazine has detailed coverage on Genescient (life extension company) and their new Stem Cell 100 product

I have started taking Stem Cell 100. It is about $60 for a one month supply.

I would also recommend supporting SENS rejuvenation research and Robert Freitas’s nanomedicine work (donate through IMM)

Genescient’s primary business focus is on the development of pharmaceuticals for age-related diseases, but in conjunction with its spinoff firm Life Code LLC, it has provided testing services for the development of nutraceuticals based on its unique genomics platform. Our findings can be summarized as follows:

1. Aging is linked to altered expression in more than a hundred genes;
2. We employed artificial intelligence algorithms combined with animal longevity assays to screen for wide-spectrum herbal extracts that extend lifespan;
3. We succeeded in doubling animal lifespan using a novel class of nutrigenomic supplements that modulate genes involved in both aging and age-related disease.

The current StemCell 100 herbal blend has gone through extensive longevity testing with Drosophila fruit flies. The Drosophila longevity study (see Figs 3 and 4 below) included three cages of fruit flies that were treated with StemCell 100 (T1 to T3) and three cages that were untreated controls (C1 to C3). Each cage started with 500 fruit flies including 250 males and 250 females. The experiment showed that mean lifespan more than doubled with a 123% increase. That would be like the average human living to 167 years of age! While fruit flies are not people, they are more like us than you might think. Drosophila has a heart and circulatory system, and the most common cause of death is heart failure. Like humans and other mammals (e.g. mice), it is quite difficult to increase their lifespan significantly. The doubling of mean lifespan by StemCell 100 outperforms every lifespan enhancing treatment ever tested in flies – including experiments using genetic modification and dietary restriction.

About criticism of the Stem Cell 100

Yes, Stem Cell 100 is not proven. Genescient has long lived fruit flies. The flies live 4-5 times longer than regular flies. This is not in dispute. They then use those and other flies to try and test material that does not require FDA approval. The reason being is that they do not want to wait 5-15 years to get something approved. They can look at herbs and drugs that are no longer under patent. Based on this they have screened a set of material which happens to be mostly a mix of different herbs. You don’t have to try it. I see no downside in trying it. Basically I am paying to join a clinical trial (phase 2, but since they are herbs need no clinical trial) of herbs which are known to be not dangerous (phase 1 trials prove safety) but are not proven to be effective. The approach that some would advocate are for -absolute proof- with appropriate animal models and then human trials is the 12-30 year method which results in pills that are $10-20 per pill initially. If Stem Cell 100 raises my good cholesterol levels and lowers bad cholesterol then I have paid for some pretty good statins at somewhat lower cost (unless I could get Statins covered under a medical plan).

I am not telling you to take it and I am not inflating their claims. I am also saying if people want more certain life extension and want to donate where their money can make a difference should donate to SENS and to Robert Freitas via IMM. The rejuvenation that would result if they are successful would be far more obvious life extension. The Genescient approach will be fortunate to improve the odds of adding a few real years of life extension.

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