RED Camera – Red Scarlet was shown at CES

Red Camera appears very close to releasing another revolutionary digital video camera, Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet will be called Epic Light, which reflects that it’s really just a compact and differently-spec’ed version of their new digital cinema camera.

The company’s main product is the Red One, which can record at resolutions up to 4,096 horizontal by 2,304 vertical pixels, directly to flash or hard disk storage. It features a single Super 35-sized CMOS sensor and a cinematography industry standard PL mount. Peter Jackson, reportedly, will film his version of The Hobbit, using 30 Epic cameras. The first Red Epic cameras are being used to replace 35 mm cameras for major movies and TV productions.

Wikipedia has information There are now many competitors. Originally they were the first to have digital cameras that could replace 35mm and possibly get 70mm like resolution. Their cost was and is far less than 35 mm film.

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