DARPA wants your help – Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-derived Vehicle (XC2V) Design Challenge

Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-derived Vehicle (XC2V) Design Challenge

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) seeks to engage the crowd for its latest challenge. The Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle (XC2V) Design Challenge, facilitated by Local Motors, Inc. asks individuals to conceptualize a vehicle body design for two different missions—Combat Reconnaissance and Combat Delivery & Evacuation.

This is an opportunity for servicemembers, race and auto enthusiasts, and those with an interest and talent in engineering, materials, industrial design, etc., to support the warfigther by contributing to the future of military vehicle manufacturing, win up to $10,000, and see their design become a reality in the form of a fully functioning concept vehicle.

This competition provides experts, novices and the curious the opportunity to provide input to the final design of the vehicle. Whether you provide a design or just vote on the best submission, you can contribute.

The challenge begins today, and final submissions are due March 3, 2011.

Local motors has a page and details


Engineering Requirements:

* Use Local Motors tubular steel chassis that has: •18″ (45cm) of independent Front Suspension travel •20″ (50cm) Rear Suspension Travel • Solid Rear axle, rear wheel drive • Front and Rear stabilizer bars and rear Watts link setup. The suspension mounting points, engine location, base chassis, wheelbase, and track width should not be changed in any way)
* This proof of concept vehicle will use the GM LS3 V8 powertrain. If this vehicle were to go into production, the actual powertrain would vary.
* Passengers: up to 5 including the possibility of carrying 3 passengers plus their gear in the prone position for evacuations.
* Incorporate a Modular Multiple Payload system that is able to meet the needs of one or several of the mission sets put forth in the design brief.
* Location to carry supplies both inside and/ or on the exterior of the vehicle. The Maximum Payload is: 1200 lbs (544kg)
* Maximum Towing capacity: 4000 lbs (1,814kg)

Engineering Guidelines:

* Vehicle should be highly mobile. Keep the side rails high.
* Visibility is key: This vehicle should have the ability to have visibility like a control tower. This would help a Tactical Air Liaison Officer (TALO) help communicate with and see incoming aircraft.
* Some place from where the vehicle can be defended if necessary
* Easy ingress and egress for the driver and co driver
* Best survivability possible for the occupants – Diver and co-driver locations cannot be changed, however the vehicle could be wider, and packs could be mounted on the outside– every centimeter of distance from the exterior of the vehicle to the passenger increases the chances of survivability.
* Potential location for 360 degree, horizon to horizon protection.


* To Note: The XC2V Challenge Ignition kit will be released on Friday, February 3rd at 12:00h est (UTC-05:00h)
Your Deliverables are what you submit to Local Motors. Before hitting the final submit button, please double check that you have met all of the Engineering requirements, and have incorporated the following onto your design board:

* Must incorporate the following orthographic package illustrations:
– Profile view
– Front/Rear / Combo view
– Top (half or full)

(You may use the 3D CAD Data to help you generate these images, or use the provided chassis package and draw your vehicle body over top of these. To keep it to scale, you may use the DesignPackage.PDF file included in the ignition kit). Your entry will not be accepted if you modify the chassis wheelbase, or track width in any way.
* Must incorporate Oscar provided in ignition kit, to show scale and packaging.
* 3 Design views: Front 3/4, Rear 3/4, one of your choosing.
* Multiple design boards will be accepted for this competition. (Up to 10 design boards)
Make sure that your design boards are no larger than 2000 px wide.
* Please Label all functions and design additions on all boards.
* Please make sure you include your Name on all boards.


1st Place $7500 plus your design turned into a functioning concept vehicle.
2nd. Place: $1500
3rd Place: $1000

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