Carnival of Nuclear Energy 59

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 59 is up at Yes Vermont Yankee

Margaret Harding looks at the post Lessons Learned From Fukushima-–-The Corporate she addresses corporate lessons and corporate planning. Among other things, Harding concludes that it is important to be willing to ask for help.

Utilities still seem to loathe talking to journalists or providing them with access and information to help educate them PRIOR to an event. The flooding in Nebraska was a non-event for the nuclear facilities. However, the utilities failed to recognize the potential concerns and provide up front information, leaving anti-nuclear PR to hold sway with ridiculous statements of news blackouts.

Cheryl Rofer asks: Is it true that just a speck of plutonium will kill you? Well, no. Rofer considers this all-too-common and inaccurate assertion and wonders why people who claim to respect science keep repeating it.

Rod Adams at Atomic Insights – Nuclear industry leaders are wimps – it’s time to fight back!

I am getting increasingly frustrated by the cowering and covering attitude of the people in leadership positions within what is sometimes called “the nuclear industry.” Please understand that I am NOT talking about covering up in the sense of hiding bad information, I am talking about the kind of covering done in a boxing ring by someone who is afraid of throwing a few hard punches.

The natural gas industry should not be allowed to call itself “clean” without some rebuttal. Why be proud of producing half of the CO2 of coal when a nuclear plant produces NONE of the CO2, NONE of the SOx, NONE of the fine particulate, and NONE of NOx?

Neutron Economy looks at small modular reactors

Nextbigfuture summarized a 177 page OECD report Current Status, Technical Feasibility and Economics of Small Nuclear Reactors (OECD, June 2011, 177 pages)

Small and modular reactors should be competitive with non-nuclear technologies for generating electricity in cases where large nuclear power plants cannot compete for whatever reason.

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