Google Plus Rumored to be Open to the Public July 31, Google Plus Games Platform Soon and Oracle Lawsuit Damages denied

1. According to Google’s own help document the addition of gaming to the service might not be that far away. But early adopters of Google+ hoping to escape the Hand of Zynga shouldn’t despair just yet, and here’s why. Game updates will have their own separate stream.

2. Google’s new social service will throw open the doors to the entire public on July 31, 2011. At this point, the news is merely rumor

3. A U.S. judge rejected Oracle Corp’s (ORCL.O) claim for billions of dollars in damages from Google Inc (GOOG.O) for infringing on Java patents, a day after warning both sides they had taken unreasonable positions in a patent battle over the Android mobile system.

But the judge on Friday gave Oracle a chance to come up with new figures, after saying in a testy hearing the day before that both technology giants were “asking for the moon.”

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