KLD Energy and electric motors with nano-crystalline cores are making progress

NBF wrote about KLD Energy and their electric motor with a nano-crystalline core back in 2009.

KLD Energy Technologies Inc. signed a deal to supply motor systems for a new line of electric scooters in Malaysia.

KLD expects to manufacture at least 40,000 kits in the first year. The scooters are being developed as part of the country’s efforts to reduce pollution. Utilizing KLD’s motor system, Eclimo’s scooters can exceed 100 kilometers per hour and have a range of more than 100 kilometers. The new scooters will be available in Malaysia later in the year.

An existing Eclimo scooter with in wheel motor and batteries. KLD Energy will have their systems integrated into the next version

KLD has gotten $13 million from dozens of angel investors and said it should reach profitability this year. The company employs about 60 people.

A KLD powered scooter from 209

The KLD motor system, which is gaining traction among many leading vehicle manufacturers in Asia, improves the performance of electric vehicles while substantially decreasing their negative impact on the environment.

The KLD motor system, which uses an innovative nanocrystalline composite material, conducts energy with greater efficiency than traditional iron-core motors and is designed for high frequency operations. This proprietary approach eliminates the need for a transmission, resulting in a substantial increase in system efficiency and representing the highest torque-to-weight ratio available in electric motors.

With KLD’s patented stator block technology, power can be upgraded incrementally by adding stator blocks to the motor and making simple software changes to the motor controller. This flexibility allows manufacturers to serve different market segments using the same motor. KLD’s complete solution offers vehicle manufacturers a high-performance electric motor able to attain speeds and levels of responsiveness comparable to today’s gas-powered vehicles.

7 pages of specs

• Low cost of ownership due to reduced maintenance requirements
• Motor positioning allows for increased energy storage space
• Average watts per kilometer: 22 watt-hours per km at 30 km/hr (GVW: 200 kg)
• Climbing ability 16 degrees (GVW: 210 kg)*
• Extremely high system efficiency:
– No transmission losses
– Higher regenerative braking efficiency than any
other electric drive system on the market
• Optimized system performance for increased range and highway speeds with
remarkably low energy consumption
* Based on five stator block configuration

Specifications (based on 3-battery pack configuration)
Battery management system Integrated
Weight 33 kgs
Nominal voltage 48 VDC
Nominal capacity (C/2, 23° C) 42 Ah / 1.4 kWh

Earlier Eclimo Scooters in Malaysia

Malaysian Eclimo has scooters powered by in-wheel electric motors and lithium batteries.

The models are the ES 10 and ES11 scooters, and the EB25 motorcycle which are powered by in-wheel electric motors and lithium batteries with a recharging time of 3.5 hours using a normal household wall socket.

The ES10 and ES11 promise a performance of a 125cc scooter with a top speed of 100kph and a range of 100km.

The ES10 looks similar to a normal scooter while the ES11 has a more futuristic look with body panels covering up most parts of the machine.

The EB25 motorcycle, meanwhile, is the most powerful of the trio and claims a performance of a 200cc motorcycle with a top speed of 150kph and a range of 160km.

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