Dwave Founder named innovator of the year and a second 128 qubit Dwave system is to be installed at USC

Geordie Rose, chief technology officer of Burnaby, B.C.-based D-Wave Systems, has been named “innovator of the year” by the Canadian Innovation Exchange.

D-Wave, founded in 1999, sold its first quantum computing system this past May to U.S.-based Lockheed Martin Corp., which specializes in defence, security and aerospace technology.

In October, D-Wave announced that another of its quantum computing systems would be launched at a commercial academic computing centre at the Marina del Rey campus of the University of Southern California, in partnership with Lockheed Martin.

Geordie believes Quantum Computers can enable powerful Artificial Intelligence

Building quantum computing hardware was tough. But the task that is now before us surpasses this in difficulty. Now that we have the hardware issues solved, the next step is to harness these awesome new resources to create machines that mimic or surpass human capability in a growing number of dimensions.

Quantum computers use nature in a new way to solve the hard problems that allow machines to learn how to perform tasks better. I believe we are right on the cusp of a major transition in our understanding of, and relationship with, technology. The kinds of truly intelligent systems that we can attempt to build, using quantum computers to perform the hard tasks that currently bottleneck progress, will be disruptively different than anything we can build with conventional computers.

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