Rumor that Navy SPAWAR is a Rossi Energy Catalyzer customer

1. Rossi’s first customer who is now the proud owner of their very own 1 megawatt fusion reactor looks almost certainly military in origin, and could well be SPAWAR. Space And Naval Warfare Systems Command

The US Navy has a long history and association with cold fusion going back to the Pons and Fleischmann era, even studying cold fusion in secret for over a decade while mainstream science shrugged at it’s very mention.

Fox News – Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Complex Hoax?

Sterling Allan (PESN blog) hinted that an unnamed “customer” of Rossi’s device is a military organization that starts with an N. Rossi said this customer measured and verified the test — and told that Paul Swanson with the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit (SPAWAR) can vouch for the demonstration.

2. Al fin notes that Italian science magazine makes the case that if the energy catalyzer is real then it would be sacrilege to keep it hidden

There is a movement afoot to make the E-Cat nickel-hydrogen technology “open source.”

There is buildecat site

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