North Dakota produces 575,490 bpd of oil in March, second highest oil producing state after Texas

North Dakota produced 575,490 barrels of oil per day in March, 2012. This is second most for a state, behind Texas This was a 17,245 bpd increase over the prior month.

UDPATE- An analysis of the rate of drilling that is needed for North Dakota to get to 1.5 to 2.0 million barrels of oil per day.

North Dakota produced an average of 575,490 barrels of crude oil every day in March, another record, according to Lynn Helms, director of the state’s Department of Mineral Resources. The crude is coming from a record 6,636 wells. In February, the state produced 558,255 barrels and had 6,450 wells.

The number of rigs drilling in the state was at 208 on Monday, about where it has been for eight months, including a record 212 drilling for a day or two earlier this month. North Dakota’s new record output of crude surpassed the steadily declining output of Alaska, which saw its production fall to 567,481 barrels per day in March, down nearly 15,000 barrels per day from February, said Stephen McMains of the state’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Monday.

Meanwhile, Texas’ production has been rising steadily by 12 percent since September, to 1.72 million barrels per day in February, the latest figures available from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which tracks state and federal crude oil production. Meg Coleman, a geologist with the EIA, said preliminary figures make it appear Texas’ production increased in March.

Texas is also rapidly increasing its oil production using horizontal drilling into Eagle Ford and the Permian Basin.

By the end of 2012, North Dakota should be over 700,000 bpd and could be over 800,000 bpd. Texas should be over 2 million bpd.

North Dakota monthly oil statistics

The US is back to 6.14 million bpd of crude oil and should be over 6.5 million bpd by the end of 2012.

The US produced 4.439 million bpd of other oil liquids (natural gas, ethanol etc…). The US produced 10.58 million bpd of oil liquids (crude oil and other liquids).

At the end of 2011 for oil liquids.

Saudi Arabia – 11.2 mbd
Russia – 10.2 mbd
United States – 10.1 mbd [now 10.58 mbd]
China – 4.3 mbd
Iran – 4.2 mbd

Typical North Dakota Bakken oil well production profile.

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