Carnival of Nuclear Energy 153

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 153 is up at the ANS Nuclear Cafe

Nuke Power Talk – turns a spotlight on some of the issues associated with renewable energy. Although it would seem that Gail Marcus is straying from nuclear topics, she points out that the possible concerns and drawbacks associated with nuclear power–and with fossil fuels–are discussed in the press far more often than the potential drawbacks to renewables, so she feels she is balancing the playing field. She discusses a book by Ozzie Zehner that analyzes the close links of renewable energy to fossil fuels, and a study by Paul Krugman that discusses the tendency to underestimate the costs and difficulties of new technologies.

Nextbigfuture – China’s Commercial Reactors: China forges ahead on exporting its ACP1000 reactor plant which will boast as much as 85% content manufactured in China, and a cost lower than other Gen III plants by 10%.

Nextbigfuture – Japan’s weakened yen is pushing a sense of urgency for the restart of nuclear plants across Japan; the trade deficit continues to widen without export of manufactured goods, and Japan’s broader economic future may be at stake.

Germany’s economy heavily at risk because of its energy plan. Some wind projects have been delayed, some wind companies wrecked, renewable energy surcharges have doubled over three years, and delays in building wind turbines have led to the bankruptcy of Nordseewerke.

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