Russia is selling China non-nuclear submarines and tells China not to copy the technology

1. Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport has signed a framework agreement with China on the joint development and construction of four non-nuclear Amur-1650 conventional submarines for the Chinese Navy.

The contract, worth $2 billion, is expected to be finalized by the parties around 2015. Russian media and experts predicted the two countries may go much further on cooperation in the field of submarines.

According to the agreement, two of the submarines will be built in Russia and two in China.

The contract includes special provisions which stipulate “China cannot copy Russian technology.”

Analysts say introducing Russia’s state-of-the-art submarine technology through joint design and production will help enhance the combat effectiveness of the Chinese Navy submarine force. The Amur class submarine will hopefully provide the Chinese Navy with a powerful platform for waging undersea warfare.

2. China’s military is expanding its unmanned aerial vehicle forces with a new Predator-like armed drone and a new unmanned combat aircraft amid growing tensions with neighbors in Asia, according to United States intelligence officials.

China is working to develop the drone capability to persistent watch fixed and moving targets out to 3,000 kilometers of Chinese shores.

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