Carnival of Nuclear Energy 160

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 160 is up at Yes Vermont Yankee

SONGS [San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station] to retire, decommission, posted by Will Davis at ANS Nuclear Café.

The latest news on the recent decision to retire the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California. The post includes information from a press teleconference held by Southern California Edison, and many explanatory links.

Nuclear Uprates in the U.S., and a new reactor in China. Posted at Next Big Future.

NextEra Energy has just completed 700 MW of reactor uprates at six plants. Meanwhile, in China, a 1080 MWe PWR just began commercial operation.

New Tepco groundwater study confirms that isotopic levels are negligible Posted by Les Corrice at Hiroshima Syndrome/ Fukushima Commentary.

Japan’s Press says Tepco’s recent report of the actual levels of Cesium in F. Daiichi groundwater is a reversal of their previous assessment of it being negligible. To the contrary, the new assessment proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the cesium value in the groundwater is indeed negligible.

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